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5FEET2 Jewelry

  • No Cheap Metals Here

    Elevate your style with our K gold or vermeil designs. Learn more about our metalwork on the materials page.

  • No Borders, Just Beautiful Jewelry

    Enjoy free delivery on orders over $320 USD, or locally in HK, TW, and SG. Visit here for Delivery & Return policy

  • Find your perfect fit

    We offer a complimentary ring sizer to ensure a perfect fit. Request yours today for a stress-free sizing experience.

illustration display the difference between solid gold, vermeil and gold plated jewellery

Timeless Elegance, Modern Spirit

At 5FEET2, our passion lies in designing exquisite jewelry with the finest materials, including silver, vermeil gold, and solid gold, resulting in pieces that exude a blend of beauty and durability. Learn more about caring for our jewelry below.

Jewelry Care Tips

The POWER LOVE Collection

Engraved with a powerful message designed by tattooist @Le.sinex "Designed to Empower you Everyday" and adorned with seven stones representing the energy love brings each day of the week. Experience the transformative power of love with this collection now.

The K Gold Collection

Explore the vibrant and playful elegance of our captivating 18K gold jewelry collection at 5FEET2. Crafted with K gold and meticulously chosen gemstones – a precious touch of luxury and whimsy.


  • Hallmarked for Quality & Purity

    Gold purities and carat weights are engraved for full transparency. Our gold jewelry ranges from 9K to 14K to 18K purities, with each piece hallmarked to certify its authentic craftsmanship. For instance, 18K gold carries the Au750 hallmark, while 14K bears the Au585 stamp.

  • Ethically-Sourced Gems

    Our jewelry designs blend vintage elegance, modern edge, and playful daintiness - a little bit of everything to suit your unique taste. Whether you're seeking a bold statement or delicate layers, our pieces are crafted to be fun and effortless to wear, on their own or stacked together. Looking for something different? Contact us for custom design ideas tailored just for you.

  • Personalized Boutique Care

    As an independent brand, we offer warm, direct service and fair pricing. Our small, close-knit team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, providing personalized attention with a passion for creating beautiful, unique jewelry. Experience the difference of heartfelt care, from transparent details to bespoke customization.

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