At 5FEET2, we're committed to creating exquisite jewellery. We believe in using high-quality materials, like silver, vermeil gold, and solid gold, to create jewellery that's both beautiful and long-lasting. We can't wait for you to experience the beauty and durability of 5'2 jewellery for yourself.

Here are some general jewellery care tips for vermeil, silver, and solid gold items:

Keep away from chemicals
Avoid exposing jewelry to chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, and cleaning products, as they can damage the metal and gemstones.

Remove when swimming or showering
Avoid wearing jewellery in water, as it can cause damage and tarnish the metal.

Clean regularly
Clean jewellery regularly with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning solution to remove dirt and oils that can build up over time.

Use a polishing cloth
Use a polishing cloth to restore shine to vermeil, silver, and gold jewelry that has become dull or tarnished.

Take to a professional jeweler
Take jewellery to a professional jeweler for regular maintenance, such as cleaning, polishing, and repairs.